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Cheshunt Piano Removals

Piano removals are not easy and not every company can undertake this task – but Removals Cheshunt Piano removals team does.

Why is Piano removing so difficult?

Some pianos are harder to move than others. The grand concert piano is a different proposition to the old upright the children bang about on – but they all have some things in common.

Bulky – They are bulky. This makes it hard to manoeuvre them through doorways and down stairs, special dollies and straps are needed.

Heavy  They are heavy – very heavy. A full concert grand piano may weight over 1000 lbs and for health and safety reasons, no one should be expected to lift or carry anything over 100 lbs each – that might mean a lot of men to move one piano.

One must never, ever try to catch a falling piano!

Vulnerable – They are vulnerable to injury – to scratches and dents.

Fragile – They are fragile in the sense that it is not hard to spoil the musical precision of the piano. They will probably need tuning in the new environment anyway, but careless handling can make this a major problem.

Valuable – Pianos are very expensive as well as having a unique place in the heart of many a home.

Just plain awkward

The upright pianos can be heavy, unwieldy and awkward – but the grand piano has the additional bulky shape to contend with. You really should know how to handle a piano to move it safely.

Even before the move some preparation needs to be done – in removing certain parts and locking down the lid.

Cheshunt Piano Removals – the experts

Moving a piano is not something to leave to the amateur, your piano deserves the treatment of experienced professionals. So, get in touch with your piano removals company in Cheshunt and tell us about your piano. Our team at Removals Cheshunt Company will examine it and ensure we have adequate men to move it safely, without damaging it – or the men.