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Business Hours:

Monday – Sunday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM


Why do we believe you cannot make a better choice than in choosing Cheshunt Removals for your move?

Cheshunt Removals is a local company which offers the best removal experience for both local and international removals.

Whether you want to move a small parcel across London, or an entire house-load across the seas – Cheshunt Removals can help you. Especially, we have been helping families move for many years and we have accumulated a wealth of experience. So, as the local experts in office and commercial moves, we have a knowledge of the special requirements businesses have.

Dedicated & professional Local Removals in Cheshunt – Cheshunt Removals

We believe our work should not only be professional, and we do take pride in our skills – but we should also be friendly and easy to get on with. You will have questions – we need to answer them. In these circumstances many people feel stressed. So, we need to help you by showing you that we are in control of the many issues involved in a successful  move.
At the forefront of our priorities are our valued customers. We are committed to ensuring that your move is a positive and enjoyable experience. Our ultimate goal is to help you settle seamlessly into your new home or office, allowing you to approach this transition with a calm and peaceful state of mind.


Advantages by selecting a local removals

Cheshunt Removals is a small enough business to understand the importance of personal service – yet we are big enough to provide a comprehensive removal service to meet any domestic or commercial need.

And we look after our customers – but also our staff and our equipment. Also our team of people benefit from the help and advice they receive from each other. We maintain our vehicles to a high standard – both to protect your belongings – but also with driver safety in mind.

When you phone Cheshunt Removals up you will get a person at the end of the phone. So, you will not have to scroll through various options before speaking to a robot. We respond quickly and being local we can find you easily. Our free assessment will put your mind at rest, and the check list we give you will help to make the move easier.

See Why You Should Choose Us?

Own vehicles

Our vehicles are important to us, and as we own them we can ensure they are maintained in excellent condition, clean and ready to transport your belongings safely.

Durable Materials

We need robust and durable materials to pack your things safely and prevent damage during transport. We only buy the best and strongest materials, which are suitable for removal work.

All Inclusive Service

There is so much to remember on the day of removal, so it’s great to have a company like ours, which can take care of all the details for you.

Eco-friendly Materials

From our modern low - emission vehicles to the paper we wrap your things in – we are conscious of the environment, and do our best to recycle and use Eco-friendly materials.



Accordingly, we put our customers first and foremost in our work. Also a friendly, relaxed style associated with professional competence ensures that your move will go smoothly and easily. Our schedules are flexible, and we understand the special needs of a business may have in minimising disruption for staff and the cost involved in loss of work.


We are careful with all your belongings. All our staff pay attention to how we treat them. We look after each piece with the same consideration we would give to our own things. Our removal men have experience in packing fragile items safely and in dealing with bulky and awkward furniture in a manner with does not damage either them, the premises – or the removal men themselves!


Cheshunt Removals is an Eco-friendly company. So, we care for our environment and will not waste its resources in a profligate manner. Also our packing materials are Eco-friendly and recyclable, and our fleet of vehicles are modern with low toxic emission rates.

Value for money

We offer great value for money. This in an important consideration and we would never short-change you.


Edward Weingartner

Downfield Rd, Chehsunt

Great team, great moving they are professional. Don’t hesitate to recommend them. We have used them 3 times. Glad to say, they help us to reduce the stress of moving. Thumbs Up!

Debbie Guarneri

Hillside Ave, Cheshunt

The whole team have been very helpful. For over 3 days they involve in our moving. Simply, the move is not difficult if you choose Cheshunt Removals.


Cheshunt Removals – A Local Company

As we are a local company we can respond quickly to your requests. So, we know the streets, the routes, the parking and the likely traffic hold ups. Therefore, it makes our service efficient and speedy. So, there are advantages in using a local company.

Drivers and vehicles

Our vehicles belong to us. So, this means we can insist that they are well maintained, clean and ready for use in a safe and secure manner. Our drivers are experienced and competent, and they know their way around. They also have the knowledge needed for transporting goods abroad. Because of their experience, they know how to clear customs and navigate around the foreign countries.

Children and animals

Especially, children and animals need special consideration. Naturally, they may be apprehensive, excited or nervous. We appreciate that, and we will take it into account. In addition, we can  advise you on the best way of travelling with animals.

Our customers

Our aim is to give you a removal experience that you can look back on with pleasure, as no one matters more to us than our customers. So, we will listen to you, respect you and deal with you in a professional and friendly manner. Therefore, give us a call to prove it!

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