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Business Hours:

Monday – Sunday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Cheshunt Storage Service

Too much stuff – and nowhere to put it? Removals Cheshunt storage service is your answer!

Our storage units

The Cheshunt Storage Service can provide you with top quality, safe and secure storage for all your needs. We have units in a range of sizes from just five feet to forty feet. Because you will have your own secure password you can access your goods at any time. And also, the premises are protected by CCTV and secure fencing, gates and doorways.

They all have fire alarms installed, and are kept clean and properly maintained at all times.

We can offer a variety of solutions:

So, there is something there to satisfy your needs.

Cheshunt Storage Service

We can provide you with a top-quality storage service for Cheshunt and the surrounding area. Our friendly and professional people at Removals Company Cheshunt will pack your belongings for you. Cheshunt Storage Service staff will make certain your things are well packed away until you need them. In addition, we can transport your belongings to and from the storage area for you.

Many people use this as a temporary solution to avoid cluttering up their new house or office, so they can unpack without the distraction of boxes everywhere. Other people use this facility while they are packing to move – it gets stuff out of the way until it is needed. If you are relocating abroad, temporary storage may be just what you need while you cope with the complexities of a new country. Our storage facilities are very flexible, and we can adjust them to your particular requirements.

Perhaps you would like a free home visit from the Cheshunt Storage Service to assess your needs. Then we can discuss the matter further? Just give us a ring and we will be happy to help you.