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Business Hours:

Monday – Sunday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Removals Cheshunt Vehicles

Removals Cheshunt vehicles are an essential and crucial part of our service. For that reason, we pay them a great deal of attention.

Vehicles we have

As we have our own vehicles we know we can rely on them because we look after them properly. We have a range of vehicles appropriate for different needs. Our Luton 3.5-ton vans are a popular choice for small or average sized removals. We also have 18-ton transits for large loads. And we have lorries suitable for international removals. There will be a vehicle just the right size for your removal and ready to go.

Our environment is important to us, so we try to ensure our vehicles are as Eco-friendly as possible. We think it is important to minimise our carbon footprint. Our packing materials are also used with the environment in mind. We use wardrobe boxes where they are suitable, which are Eco-friendly. Our customers seem to appreciate our efforts in this field.

Who cares for Removals Cheshunt Vehicles?

We do! Our drivers at Removals Company Cheshunt are responsible for maintaining and cleaning the lorries they use. This means they keep up a very high standard, both for the security of your belongings but also for their own safety.

Our drivers are experienced drivers and they know how to drive in a manner which respects other road users, your belongings and the rules of the road. Driving well means driving in a manner which is as Eco-friendly as possible.

Safety first

We are responsible for your equipment and furniture while we are transporting it. Therefore, we make certain that Removals Cheshunt vehicles are fully insured, to give you peace of mind. Our prime aim is to move your things in a safe and secure manner anywhere in Cheshunt. And no matter how much there is and how far you need to go. So, get in touch with us and we can talk about your requirements.